Janet Higdon of the Camden Chronicle reports that a Camden High School student had a “hit list” and threatened to blow up the school are all rumors according to Mark Florence, Director of Schools.

A report on WBBJ Channel 7 in Jackson reported that there were 62 names of students on an alleged “hit list” and that a high school student allegedly threatened to blow up the school. News of the allegations quickly hit social media such as Facebook.

The report stated that parents pulled their students out of school on Friday for fear that the threats would be carried out. According to Florence, the school sees an average of 30 absences daily but it was reported that there were 60 absences on Friday. Florence stated that there were actually 37 absences, which is within the normal range. “The 60 reported on television does not take into account those who might have been tardy or those who might have been out of school on a field trip,” Florence said.

It was reported by Channel 7 that Camden Police Chief George Smith stated the girl who made the threats was taken to a juvenile detention center. Smith denied making that statement but did say that the student has since been placed in in-school suspension pending a thorough investigation. According to Smith, the alleged “kill list” has not been seen by him or any members of his staff.

Both Florence and Smith want the community to know that all threats, whether perceived or real, are taken seriously and thoroughly investigated.

There were some rumors that circulated by word of mouth, social media, and WBBJ-TV regarding threats at Camden Central School last week. Those rumors were thoroughly and completely investigated by school officials. There was no foundation to any of those rumors. Parents and community as a whole can be assured that student safety is always a priority and will continue to be.” Florence said. (Courtesy Janet Higdon, Camden Chronicle)

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