The West Tennessee Veterans Cemetery committee has received the first monetary donation from Benton County. The Big Sandy American Legion Post 228 has provided $100 with a letter of intent to raise $500 more.

In addition to the American legion donation, Bill Nobles, Carmen Sparks, Pete Peterson, George Hargrove, and Jerry Dinwiddie also contributed a total of $100.

Members of the cemetery committee are working to raise $1.5 million to open a veteran’s cemetery near the Parkers Crossroads exit of I-40. The need for a veterans cemetery in West Tennessee came up with the cemetery’s in Memphis and Nashville nearing full capacity. With approximately 200 miles distance between Nashville and Memphis, the committee felt a need to find a centrally located site that will better serve West Tennessee veterans.

The cemetery in Parkers Crossroads will serve 16 counties in West Tennessee. It will be located close to a Civil War battlefield where many Tennessee soldiers fought and died. It will have easy access from Interstate 40. The site was selected from several locations under consideration. It was chosen because of its central location in West Tennessee and the availability of land for sale that is suitable for veteran burial.

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