Benton County commissioners will vote on a resolution Monday night that provides incentive for Jones Plastic to stay in Benton County and expand their operations.

The Benton County Industrial Board has reached a deal with Jones Plastic that will give them a 10 year, in lieu tax agreement. Jones Plastic will turn ownership of the property located at 470 industrial road back over to the Benton County Industrial Board for a 10-year period. Their tax rate will gradually rise over the 10-year term. For the first year they will not pay property taxes to the county. For the second year that figure will rise to 5 percent. This break in taxes will allow Jones to have additional revenue to expand their operation.

Other resolutions on the agenda include: a resolution to re-appoint Dr. Robert Bourne, Tracey Byrd, and Andy Troutt to the Benton County Board of Health……to re-appoint Robin Inman, Kim Harris, and William Hatler to the Agriculture Extension Committee….to appoint Michelle Wright to fill the unexpired term of Carol Ann Synder to the Library Board…to re-appoint Bob Wessels to the Audit Committee….to declare a word processor belonging to the Library as surplus property… accept a bid for the old Animal Shelter truck……to budget funds received by the Camden Lady Lions softball team back to the TRRD……… budget funds received by the Animal Shelter for adoption fees…….to budget funds received by the library for fines, copy fees and faxes… transfer $20.70 due to an invoice being paid from the wrong fund…….to budget funds received by the Sheriff’s department for handgun checks, telephone commission, SOR fees, towing, restitution, security contracts, child support fees, and insurance recovery….to transfer funds to county buildings water and sewer… transfer funds to santitation, education/information, laborers…… transfer funds to libraries part-time personnel…to transfer funds to sheriff’s department sergeants/lieutenants… transfer funds for a keyless entry system at the Health department……to appropriate $2,525.00 to pay the county Coroner and medical Examiner….to appropriate $3,400.00 to sanitation management, other contracted services…to appropriate $600.00 for court ordered mental evaluations… appropriate $10,492.48 to pay legal fees for EWS lawsuit.

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