The Benton County Commission met on Monday night for their November meeting. After more than a year, the commission finally elected a Commission chairman. The final vote was 10 for Ken Berry and 4 for Barry Barnett with 2 passing. Jerry Brandon was selected as commissioner for the 4th district replacing the spot vacated by the death of Sad Scott. Brandon received 9 votes with 7 for Bill Nobles and 1 passed. A resolution to appoint members to the Parks & Recreation Board resulted in the appointment of Alice Douglas, Larry Dobson, Amanda Vacker and Keith Wilson. A resolution to appoint a 5 member Ethics Committee, named Ken Berry, William Hatler, Gary Evans, Stanley Deaton and George Montgomery to served on that committee.

A resolution was approved to approve a bid of $42,632.00 by Fuller Heating & Cooling for a dehumidifier system at the County Jail.

A resolution to accept or deny an offer of $72,500.00 by TDOT to purchase the property occupied by the Morris Chapel Fire Department was rejected by the commission. The commission voted to ask TDOT for $130,000.

The following resolutions were approved; to budget unassigned fund balance for purchase of land adjacent to Big Sandy budget funds received by the Department of Education for an Arts Council Grant and for a Peer Tutoring Grant..Funds were budgeted collected by the Chancery Court Clerk for computers, received from the Select Tennessee Grant, from the 3-Star Grant, funds received by the Election Commission for a computer Grant, Funds received by the Sheriff’s Department for the Drug Control Fund, Funds received by the Animal Shelter for adoption fees, funds received by the Senior Citizens , funds received for an Airport Grant and for funds received by the Highway Department from an insurance refund.

The commission approved the invoices for County Medical Examiner and Investigator.

The County had borrowed money from Carroll Bank & Trust to pay back to the Hospital fund money it had borrowed to pay county bills. The commission approved the action so that the money could be returned to that fund by June 30.

The Commission will not meet in December. The next regular meeting will be the third Monday in January.

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