Benton County Schools are scheduled to start the new school year on August 1 and that means that parents will be doing a lot of back-to-school shopping between now and then. With the first full day coming on August 1, classes will be dismissed on Aug. 9 to allow students to attend the Benton County fair that begins Aug. 5.

The State of Tennessee’s annual Sales Tax Holiday is held each year on the first Friday in August and ends the following Sunday night. This year’s tax free holiday weekend begins at 12:01a.m. on Friday Aug. 2 and ends Sunday, Aug. 4 at 11:59p.m.

During the sales tax holiday, parents will be able to purchase clothing and school-related supplies without paying sales tax. Items included in the sales tax status are clothing $110 or less. school supplies $100 or less, and computers $1,500 or less. Although the holiday is intended to help students to get ready for the school year, anybody who purchases items that meet the criteria will be tax exempt.

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