A Benton County man was scheduled to appear before the man he threatened on Wednesday May 22.

Oscar Lee Taylor is being held in the Benton County jail in lieu of $100,000 bond after writing a threatening letter. Taylor threatened to kill judge John Whitworth for granting an order of protection.

According to Benton County Sheriff Tony King, Taylor has been sending letters to county officials for some time. Taylor states in some of the letters that he is only doing God’s work.

This particular letter was hand delivered to Tim Vitt after Whitworth granted Taylor’s ex-girlfriend an order of protection against Taylor. In the letter Taylor allegedly tells Whitworth that he will kill him if things are not put back the way they were.

This is not Taylor’s first run-in with the law. According to King, he has a lengthy arrest record that includes charges of assault and armed robbery.

Taylor faces charges of retaliation of past charges. He was scheduled to appear in court this past Wednesday. (Courtesy Camden Chronicle)