James Yeager, owner of Tactical Response, a firearm safety business of Camden, said his suspension of his hand gun carry permit is not only completely pointless but is wasting valuable tax payer dollars. In an interview with WBBJ-TV in Jackson, Yeager said, “If I were gonna harm anyone, why haven’t I already done it. And if I were gonna harm people, I wouldn’t use a handgun. I’ve got rifles, I’ve got big rifles. If I were gonna do something really mean, I would use those.”

Yeager said people are judging him based on a one minute video and not the life he lives. The Tennessee Department of Homeland Security disagreed and feels Yeager is a threat to every citizens safety. Yeager said he is not a criminal and does not even have a speeding ticket on his record.

Earlier this month, Benton County judge Kimberly Henson ruled in favor of Yearger stating there was no facts supporting he was a risk to others. The Department of Homeland Securty appealed the ruling making Yeager’s case unlike any other in Tennessee state history.

Yeager admitted others may see what he’s said as volatile but he believes as an American he has a right to say whatever he’d like, and as a soldier he’s fought for that freedom. He said, “regardless of the outcome of his upcoming court date he will not stop fighting for his gun carry permit. He said he is a law abiding citizen who has committed no crime. Yeager will be in court on April 30.