DECATUR COUNTY, Tenn. — The pink and green ribbons surrounding the Decatur County Courthouse are the reasons a judge says the men accused in the death of Holly Bobo will not be tried in Decatur County.

Holly Bobo status hearing “I don’t know if you call it a movement or whatever it is — ‘Justice for Holly Bobo’ — that’s what those pink and green ribbons represent,” Jason Autry’s Attorney Michael Scholl said.

In Judge Creed McGinley’s courtroom Wednesday morning, a status hearing was held for the men accused in Bobo’s death and disappearance. Bobo disappeared from her home five and a half years ago. A trial is set to begin in eight months for at least one of the three accused men — Zach Adams, Dylan Adams and Jason Autry.

“I don’t like to draw marks in the sand, but I do want to say that I have stated very clearly I intend to try someone on that April 3 date,” Judge McGinley said.

Autry was the only one of the three men accused of rape and murder to appear in court. Scholl said they’re pleased with a change of venue.

“In those kinds of situations, there’s just too much feeling and publicity around this area surrounding this particular case, so that’s why we try to move it to another area,” Scholl said.

With so much discovery, prosecutors say deadlines are important.

“All of these things that we’re talking about in between now and the trial date are simply dates for motions to be filed and responded to and argued,” prosecutor Jennifer Nichols said.

Another status hearing is scheduled for Sept. 28, with motions heard in November.

The judge did not say where they’re anticipating the trial to take place.
(Source: WBBJ-TV/Facebook)