The Environmental Waste Solutions Landfill was a hot button issue at the Camden City Board Meeting Monday night, especially since the EWS Public tour of the Landfill is set to begin Wednesday morning at 9:30. Local residents will begin this tour from the Benton County Fairgrounds at 9:30 AM Wednesday before taking off to view the EWS Landfill in Camden.

Mayor Roger Pafford and City Attorney Marcus Noles recently had a phone conference with Nashville Environmental Lawyer Elizabeth Murphy to discuss details of the future and expectations for the EWS Landfill.

Alderman Randall Clark inquired about TDEC Commissioner Pat Flood’s involvement in the Camden Landfill, while Marcus Noles gave an update of the discussion with the Nashville attorney and the general situation of the landfill.

In May, the Camden City Board addressed the matter of a $17,000 debt from local residents for that month and what to do about it. According to Vice Mayor Jeff Pierce, this month’s citizen debt is much lower at $1,600.

The Camden City Board also approved a motion to begin collection with the MSCB Collection Agency to take on the task of receiving municipal debt.

Meanwhile, a report on the Camden City Pool involved the complexities of its situation.

Aldermen Richard Smith, Randall Clark, and Jeff Pierce also discussed the possibilities of preparing the pool for the near future.

Camden City Court Costs for Condemnations are expected to have an increase in cost pending board approval at next month’s City Board meeting.

City Attorney Marcus Noles detailed the specifics with Debbie McLin and the Board about why a condemnation rate in City Court is necessary.

Vice Mayor Jeff Pierce presided over this meeting since Mayor Pafford was absent due to an illness in the family.

The next Camden City Board meeting is Monday July 9th.