The City of Camden is owed $17,000 from the month of April alone in Bad Debt Collection.

According to the Camden City Board, a typical month for bad debt collection is around a couple thousand dollars, but this most recent month’s numbers rank up in astronomical figures.

Some local residents have contributed to this debt through using a variety of services at rental properties including water, sanitation,, and sewer, while running meters up.

Alderman Randall Clark has more on this $17,000 Debt.

The Camden City Board says one of the methods used to avoid payment is a parent using a child’s name in the bill

Another concern is who will be the party or company pursuing this bad debt collection, as this is having a direct effect on the city’s budget.

City Attorney Marcus Noles says there are a few issues when it comes to debt collection.

At Monday night’s Camden City Board Meeting, the board passed a resolution to submit an application for a 2018 CDBG Imminent Threat Grant that would complete Water System improvement activities by moving the system from the old EWS landfill to another location.

Mayor Roger Pafford says this CDBG grant would be for about 260-270,000 dollars as administrative and engineering services were also approved to supplement the anticipated grant.

In other news, there are no updates on the Camden City Pool, but there was from a recent talk with TDEC concerning the EWS landfill itself.

According to the Camden City Board, TDEC is wanting to know if the city of Camden still wants the landfill. Camden owns 93 acres of the landfill while the county possesses 30 acres from the former waste site.

Meanwhile, bereavement leave was approved for Camden City Workers in the occasion of a death in the family or a fellow municipal worker.

A lane at Marathon in Camden being used a turning lane is now set to be striped by the state to stop this action.

The next Camden City Board meeting is Monday June 10th in City Hall.