Benton County Sheriff’s Office recently added three deputies to their staff.
Originally from Louisiana, John William Lambright, Jr. has lived in Benton County for more than eight years. “I graduated from Camden Central High School in 2015,” Lambright said. “I look forward to serving Benton County citizens and having an extensive career here.”

Blake Riley started with BCSO as a correctional officer last year and recently became a full-time deputy. “I’ve lived in Benton County my whole life,” he said. “I very much look forward to serving the county I was raised in.”

Jerry Wood started his career in law enforcement more than 25 years ago in Texas. “I met my wife’s family in Springville, TN, the summer of 2002 and absolutely fell in love with the area,” Wood said. “We then started vacationing here and after 20 years with a Texas sheriff’s office, my wife and I decided to make Tennessee our home.

“I would like to thank Sheriff Kenny Christopher and the BCSO for the opportunity to become a member of this great law enforcement agency. I am honored to serve the citizens of Benton County.”

The sheriff said he looked forward to working with the new deputies and felt they brought many different positive aspects to the sheriff’s office.

Source: The Camden Chronicle